What is the Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement?

The Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement (MCSP) is a member based network of 20 Canadian municipalities, colleges, and universities, who are striving for operational excellence by collaborating and sharing resources to further sustainable (green, social, and ethical) purchasing.  The MCSP is a front-runner in setting new benchmarks and best practices in the field of sustainable procurement.

Led by the cities of Ottawa, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Vancouver and Calgary and the University of British Columbia, the MCSP provides a forum for members to share information, resources, technical expertise in sustainable procurement and other key supply chain topics. MCSP members learn from their peers -- Directors of Supply Management, Purchasing Managers,Senior Environment/Sustainability Managers, and End Users - to scale up and amplify sustainability impacts and outcomes across the triple bottom line

Join us to build a better business case that will generate support for your program, learn about how sustainability fits into vendor performance management, increase your national exposure around sustainability and civic leadership, and discover how to effectively leverage procurement to achieve a variety of strategic goals.

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