2017 MCSP Program & Deliverables

5 Strategy, Best Practice & Training Webinars
Unlimited staff participation in five one-hour Training and Information webinars. These interactive sessions will showcase best-in-class innovations, MCSP members join with other sustainable procurement experts to cover a range of supply chain and procurement issues.

Strategic high-level planning geared towards Procurement Directors and Managers, and an increased emphasis on tactical topics such as commodity strategies and sustainable purchasing tools geared towards purchaser and operational staff.

Discussion topics include:

• The Legal Environment for Sustainable Purchasing, including navigating trade agreements and verifying vendor compliance
• Chief Purchasing Officer Panel on positioning sustainable sourcing with your organization’s strategic priorities
• Program- or commodity-focused discussions (e.g., approaches to change management, supplier engagement, or construction materials, vehicles, food services, etc.)

Practice-Based Working Groups

Lift the burden of creating tools from scratch, and leverage the opportunity to borrow, adapt, and co-create resources. Members are invited to participate in two focused Working Groups, in which interested members partake in 4-6 calls to share knowledge and co-create a final deliverable.

2017 Working Group topics include:

• Supplier Sustainability Leadership Questionnaire, a tool to collect information and evaluate suppliers on their corporate sustainability practices during bid evaluation or on-going engagement.
• TBD by the membership, with possible topics including: a harmonized Supplier Code of Conduct, Social Procurement or Living Wage, developing specifications for a particular commodity or service, creating a change management and sustainable purchasing training plan.

Members Get Access to the MCSP Online Resource Centre
Members can access, an exclusive online resource centre that includes product specification documents, a resource library and archive of useful documents and templates, and tutorials and courses on sustainable procurement topics that members can use to jump start their program, and engage in an interactive discussion forum.

Members Get Customized Individual Action Planning Sessions
Members can receive to up to four hours of one-on-one phone coaching or other project consultation to assist in creating a sustainable purchasing action plans or green research.

Members are Profiled in the “State of the Nation” Sustainable Public Procurement Best Practices Report
This annual report produced by MCSP showcases the best national examples of sustainable procurement, aggregating the trends, success stories and key priorities. The report is a resource for municipalities, post-secondary institutions, and other agencies that are planning, developing, or optimizing sustainable procurement programs.

Download the program overview as a PDF
Deatils of the 2017 MCSP progam are here.