About the MCSP

Who Has Been Participating in the MCSP?

BCIT City of Guelph City of Vancouver Olds Township
UBC City of Kelowna City of Victoria City of London
University of Alberta City of Ottawa City of Whitehorse City of Halifax
City of Calgary City of Richmond City of Winnipeg City of Red Deer
City of Edmonton City of Saskatoon District of Saanich
City of Fredericton City of Surrey Region of Peel
City of Grande Prairie City of Toronto City of Prince George

How is the MCSP Managed?
The MCSP Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers from member organization who meet five to six times during the year providing oversight for the project on behalf of members. The Steering Committee approves the work plan and budget, manages a contractor, reviews project evaluations, and sets participation rates.

To speak to a Steering Committee member about the MCSP, contact:

David Sloan, Manager, Strategic Sourcing
City of Ottawa

Loralee Delbrouck, Sustainability Specialist
City of Vancouver

Michael Frost, Manager, Supply Management
University of British Columbia

Maureen Loft, Purchasing Manager
City of Kelowna

Linda Rauckman, Director, Materials Management
City of Saskatoon