MCSP Members Have Access to Courses

Membership to the MCSP includes five seats in sustainable purchasing e-learning courses from the Reeve Green Learning Centre. Courses are designed for maximum engagement with minimal inconvenience. Participants can work at their own speed, from their own desks, and revisit information as needed.

The courses currently offered:

Sustainable Supply Chain Fundamentals

Designed for employees in supply chain, purchasing and sustainability roles, this course uses real world examples of industry best practices to give a comprehensive guide to green purchasing fundamentals. Learners are guided through a series of interactive exercises that provide an engaging learning environment that unpacks the value proposition, 10 Best Practices, effective sustainable purchasing tools and how to overcome common challenges.

Sustainable Purchasing Primer

Designed for client department staff and employees in purchasing support roles, this course uses examples and exercises to help employees understand the what, why and how of sustainable purchasing, enabling them to be effective participants in a program or major procurement.

Green Purchasing Tips

Designed for staff who make day to day ordering and purchasing decisions within a department and need to know what green purchasing is all about, what kinds of products are available and what to look for to identify more sustainable products.